Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Expanding your awareness with teachings from private clubs

Do you think that Kevin Trudeau is a scam?

If you have ever purchased personnel growth course or books this is the site for you. If you are familiar with The Secret, Nightengale-Conant, Dr. Joe Vitale or Mega Memory you need to join the Global Information Network - GIN.

There are some rumors that the Global Information Network is a scam! Now for those of you who think it is all a scam you can join the affiliate program for free! Thats right, Free! I know some of you will still call that a scam but I can't convince everyone. As an affiliate you can make money selling memberships to the site and you will be given access to free marketing training.

Check out things for yourself. Don't be a follower, at least allow your curiosity to explore by checking out the audio at the site for more info by clicking here http://www.globalinformationnetwork.com/.

From their website: The Global Information Network (GIN) is a private exclusive member-only global association of individuals dedicated to achieving:

  • Dynamic health
  • And emotional well-being
  • Financial independence
  • Wealth creation
  • You must be invited to join - use "money8" as your invitation to join

Like the Bilderger Group, GIN is a global group of like minded highly influential, affluent, and freedom-orientated people from various business, social and economic sectors. The goal of GIN is to provide a safe haven where members can build mutually beneficial long-term relationships to help one another better achieve each of their goals, desires and dreams. The belief is that this rare and unique ability to associate with people from around the world allows each member special advantages that they would not have as isolated individuals.

Check out the 14 CD's from entitled: Your Wish Is Your Command

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